aaPanel Auth Code

A web hosting control panel called aaPanel (the international version of BAOTA panel) supports Linux servers and can administer the server's web server more effectively.

Safe and efficient server panel

Basic features with about
200 free applications
Functional services
can be personalized to
the needs of
the user
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Linux Panel (Free)
  • Website management
  • Database management
  • File management
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • FTP management
  • Resource monitoring
  • Terminal function
  • Web Services

Linux Panel (Free)


Free Install
Linux Panel (Professional)
  • Website management
  • Database management
  • File management
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • FTP management
  • Resource monitoring
  • Terminal function
  • Web Services
  • System hardening
  • Website statistics
  • Nginx WAF
  • Abnormal Push
  • Website Speed
  • Website Tamper-proof
  • Apache WAF
  • Load balancing
  • Task manager
  • Anti-intrusion

Linux Panel (Professional)

$22.41/month Original price: $24.90/month

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Auth code application process

  • Select purchase
    Please select Linux Panel (Profesional Edition)
    Click "Purchase Auth Code" to complete the payment.
  • Generate auth code
    An auth code will be automatically generated by the system after the payment has been completed. To prevent data leakage to third parties, kindly save the auth code.
  • Bind the auth code
    Open the official aaPanel website (BAOTA Panel International Edition), login and bind the auth code.
  • Bind the aaPanel account
    Once you've logged in to the aaPanel, click the solution to buy the profesional edition of the trial voucher. Then, log in to your aaPanel account with the email address.

Advantages of aaPanel

  • Create and manage web projects quickly
    Convenient features for website management, include one-click SSL certificate installation, domain binding, and website configuration modifications.
  • Monitor server resource usage
    Select the amount of time to save records for CPU, RAM, disk IO, and network IO data monitoring, as well as see the data for a specific day.
  • Familiar file management system
    An easy-to-use and effective file manager that can write code online and do activities including uploading, downloading, packaging, and decompresion.
  • One-click software installation and deployment source code
    Effortlesly manage the installed server software and develop the applications using the web interface.

Server management tools that everyone can use

  • Simple and smart visualization
    The panel is easy to install and requires only two minutes of panel installation. LEMP/LAMP website environment installation with only one click.
  • Become a master of server management easily
    Website creation, domain name binding, reverse proxy, and other common Linux commands are all encapsulated into useful modules by aaPanel. Just a few clicks on the panel will finish it.
  • Visible safety
    Analysis 16 typical server safety risks with only one click, checking if the firewall, default port has been changed, etc.; provide solutions include free Fail2ban and Nginx WAF.

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Safe and efficient server control panel

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